Under Construction: A Poem by Mrs. Mandl’s Class

Under Construction

Bell rings, rush to classrooms, we are writing, digging deeper,

“wow words” shining, then the math facts multiplying different

ways to solve one problem, next we’re juggling,

laughing growing, on the playground, balls are

flying, back in classroom, we shout

“Quiet! Chicks are hatching,” but

we are noisy construction

workers busy building

our school


by Mrs. Mandl’s Class

This poem was written by the third graders in Mrs. Mandl’s class, with the assistance of Lisa Roberts, mother of Madeleine Roberts-Ganim. It is a “10to 1” poem. It has 10 lines, with the first line containing ten words. Every line after that has one word less than the line before, counting down to a last line of one word. That one word names the person or thing that the poem has been describing all along! Lines can “wrap around,” continuing ideas from line to line. See if you can guess the one word punch line in this “10 to 1” poem before you reach the end.