Winter Haikus

Skaters spin on ice.

They glide gracefully like birds.

Now their show is done.

-By Paxton

Snow is as white as

The clouds. Santa’s coming

Down your chimney soon.

-By Jacey

Snow is falling down.

It is freezing cold outside.

Snow is tumbling fast.

-By Tyler

In the winter there…

Are shimmering bright snowflakes

Wow. Wow here they come!

-By Treyson R.

Snow welcome to us.

Fall and fall for us tonight

Like you are our friend.

-By Matt

Snowflakes are falling

Snowflakes so interesting.

Snowflakes are the best.

-By Katie

Are they sleeping yet?

Bears are sleeping in the homes

Grizzlies in their den.

-By Owen C.

Snow snow let it snow

Ginger smells sweet in the air

Laughter fills the rooms

-By Emily S.

Winter is awesome

The snow is fun to play in

Winter is now here

-By Stephanie M.

The car is frosty

The snow is tumbling fast.

It is winter out.

-By Brody

Winter is here

Time to put Christmas lights

For Christmas magic.

-By Jordan W

It is snowing lots

I am always really cold

But I do not care

-By Jack

Snow is flaking Yay

Winter is snowy and cold

Snow ball fights are fun

-By Maddy P.

Freezing Wonder

Air is cold and blue

Snow covering the bare trees

Nature is snowing

-By Allison F

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Winter is so fun

Snow is flying bugs are dead

Or laying in bed.

-By Barrett F.

Snow is falling down.

Big snow angels being made.

Santa is coming.

-By Lewis

Shimmering Flakes

In the winter there’s…

Shimmering flakes on the ground

Stars shine upon them.

-By Halle C.

Dashing through the snow

In a one horse open sleigh

In the fields of joy.

-By Jacob W.

Winter is coming.

The holidays are coming.

December is here.

-By Gillian Kohl

Winter is here now

Santa comes down the chimney

I love Santa Claus

-By Landon

Snow is Falling

All around is white

Gleaming flakes floating to the ground.

Flakes are tumbling now.

-By Janna Marley

In the cold winter

It is always snowing here.

Snow is amazing

-By McKabe C.

Winter is here Yay!

We can go have super fun.

Snow ball fights and forts yay!

-By John