Traffic Flow at Rousseau

Safety around Rousseau School is a primary concern.  One important aspect of safety is traffic flow during critical drop-off and pick-up times. The success of our plan is dependent on adherence to the following procedures:

  • Children should ONLY enter and exit from two cars in front of or two cars behind the marked crosswalk in the drive through.  Children should avoid walking between parked cars.  If parents need to get out of cars, please pull over to the curb or parking space.  Having students ready to exit the car immediately will keep traffic moving.
  • The curb cutout on Calvert Street is designated for LPS busses and daycare vans only and the curb cutout on 33rd Street is for loading and unloading passengers.  Please do not park and leave cars in either cutout area.
  • Children should cross Calvert Street at the crosswalk along 33rd Street.  Students crossing 33rd Street are asked to use the pedestrian light directly in front of the school.  Students should not be encouraged to cross in the middle of the street to load an awaiting car.
  • There will be a voluntary right turn only at the intersection of 33rd and Calvert from 3:38-4:00 PM for cars going east on Calvert.
  • For vehicles traveling north on 33rd Street, there will be no left turn in to the Rousseau School drive through from 3:35-4:00 PM.  Vehicles will need to be traveling south on 33rd Street to enter the drive-through.