In 2010 the Nebraska State Legislature signed into law LB800.  This law requires schools to refer every student who reaches 20 absences during the school year to the County Attorney.  Schools are also required to refer students who exhibit a pattern of absences or tardies that may occur from one year to the next.  Referrals must be made regardless of the reasons for the absences.  When a student is absent from school, it becomes difficult for the child to master the curricular objectives necessary to build a solid foundation for future learning.  If a child is gone, he or she misses out on classroom discussions and activities that are difficult, and sometimes impossible, to recreate.

Students attending Rousseau School on special attendance permit must display satisfactory and punctual attendance.  If students on permit reach 20 absences or tardies their permit to attend Rousseau School may be revoked, in addition to possible referral to the County Attorney.

It is our mission to assist families through our attendance procedures.  We inform parents of absences via stage letters sent through United States mail.

Stage 1 – 5 days absence

Stage 2 – 10 days absence

State 3 – 15 days absence

Lincoln Public Schools has a similar policy for excessive tardies.  Children who are late to class have difficulty starting their day with their classmates.  Instruction begins as soon as the children enter the classroom.  Children who are tardy miss valuable announcements and instruction that help to set the tone for the upcoming day.

If you have questions about the Lincoln Public Schools attendance policies or procedures, please contact Mrs. Schirmer