NEW Arrival & Dismissal Plans

Due to construction, please make sure you are aware of the following arrival and dismissal procedures that will take place starting March 21.

Arrival: Students will not be able to enter to lower playground from the north steps nor the north gate along Calvert Street. Students will either need to take the sidewalk along the south side of the school to get to the playground or they will need to come into school from the main entrance and walk down the hallway to the playground. All Kindergarten students will line up in the circle by the front entrance. First graders will line up by Door 13. All other students will continue to line up on the playground.

Dismissal: Kindergarten students will dismiss from the circle. First grade students will dismiss out door 13. Second grade will dismiss from door 10 (north side of the school). Third grade will be dismissing out door 9, (north side of the school). Fourth and Fifth grade students will all dismiss east on the sidewalk from their regular doors.

If you have children that meet up with each other after school on the back playground, please help them determine a new meeting place. Students will not be able to meet up with siblings on the back playground. 

Thank you for your help in making arrival and dismissal a smooth process during construction.  Dr. Badje