Rousseau Bike Rodeo Winners

Congratulations to these winners for the Bike Rodeo. CITY BIKE RODEO Event is on Tuesday, May 17th at Southpointe from 5-8.  Event sponsored by LLCHD. It’s a family cycling event open to anyone who wants to attend. Bring your own bike and helmet. 

KDG-3rd Grade

Stop on the Spot: Emily Amen

Slow Balance: Graydon Ousey

Rock Dodge; John Munter

Slalom:  Mac Ousey


4th-5th Grade

Stop on the Spot:  3 WAY TIE – Luke Llewellyn, Quinton Thornock, Gabriel Hastings

Slow Balance: Addie Baltensperger

Rock Dodge; Addie Baltensperger

Slalom:  Liam Bartholow

OVERALL CHAMPION:  Gabriel Hastings