Zoetis LPS District Science Fair-By: DeeDee Cross

Zoetis LPS District Science Fair 

                                  By: DeeDee Cross

On March 21,13 brave souls entered the science fair, all having different projects, from Crystals to Rats.They all  had their own stories.

        Sadie Boyle and Aleni Rogers did an experiment on crystals. They were trying to figure out if sugar crystals grew faster than salt crystals.During the experiment Aleni said,

“I never knew this would take so long!”After a long wait, their project came to a conclusion, and sugar crystals won.

          Mackenna Dezort and Amberlynn Klems also had an experiment on crystals, having the same conclusion that sugar crystals grow faster. During the science fair Makenna told me,Makenna

    “ It was so fun! I wish I could’ve stayed longer.”she said.


    Ashlyn Trobee  and Jocelyn Martin did an experiment  on oil absorptivity , and hair was the best sorbent.

 Keira Hochstetler did an experiment on how much iron is in your cereal.Her results clearly showed that General Mills cereals had the most iron.  


 Dee Dee Cross did a demonstration on how a dinosaur’s physical characteristics affect their diet.Her conclusion was that their physical characteristics do affect their diet.

 “I wish that it lasted longer.”she said

        Eva Terry and Avae` Muir did an experiment to determine  which soda has the most ‘fizz’.During the science fair the girls had an amazing time showing the judges their board.Their conclusion was Coke had the most ‘fizz.’

       Taylor Yakel also did  an experiment  trying to figure out if a bush bean would grow better with Mountain Dew,apple cider,or water.Her conclusion was that water made the bush bean grow better. All of the other bush beans got mold or didn’t even grow! After sitting next to her, I found out that the judges took a while to get to our area, because she brought out her tablet to pass the time.

  Max Smith and Andrew Cook did an experiment on rats,They had Max Smith’s rat eat a  commercial diet, and a Wild Diet. Their conclusion was that a Wild Diet worked better than a Commercial Diet. You can see why because Commercial Diets are pretty fake.

       During the science fair, there were activities such as learning how to lasso, and petting a chinchilla. You could get distracted easily.

    “ Lassoing is tough, but I hit the target!” said Sadie Boyle.

    In one area you can touch a pig’s lungs, with gloves on, in the same area you dissect a chicken’s leg.In another area you got to play legos, get shocked by an electrostatic generator, sign two banners, and learn more facts on science. There was a mini petting zoo where you got to touch a chinchilla and an Agouti(a South American Rodent). Then there was an area where professionals were setting off tiny rockets with strings attached to show the power of air compression.Our conclusion ’So much stuff, so little time,’ we all thought.