Open House

Open House

AUGUST 13, 2012
5:30 TO 6:30 PM
Please join us at Rousseau for an exciting evening with the following opportunities available to students and families.
 Meet your new teacher – teachers and staff will be at the school to introduce themselves to students.
 Find your new classroom – The building will be open for students and families to locate new home rooms.
 Practice your safe route to school
 Join the pto (parent teacher organization) – pto board members and committee chairs will be on hand to greet you. Answer questions, and help you join the pto. Membership forms, as well as a sign-up form to volunteer for rousseau activities, will be available at the pto table.
 Drop off before & After School Plans, Lunch Money, & Health Forms
Lincoln Public Schools
3701 South 33rd Street

A Walking/Running Track for Rousseau School

The Walking Track is complete!

Wellness is a major focus for all Lincoln Public Schools this year. Each school has a parent/staff committee working on this effort.

In May, Jenni Bruning Brown and Dave Brown ran in the Lincoln 1/2 Marathon. They pushed their 2 ½ year old son, Thatcher, in his wheelchair for the 13.1 miles in the hopes of raising $15,000 to build this track at Rousseau. Thatcher has had ongoing health problems since he was born. He is now 2 ½ and has difficulty walking. So after hearing about Rousseau’s need for a track, they decided that in this year’s Lincoln Marathon they would try to make it happen.


They raised enough money through their organization Runners with a Reason to build a track here at Rousseau School so that all kids have a place to walk, run and move.  The other current space is covered with gravel which would be very difficult for a child in a wheelchair or walker to move through easily. It is important that peers with special needs get an opportunity to play with their friends. Building a track also supports our school’s health and wellness goals for both students and teachers. It is something that all kids at school need and would use, not only kids like Thatcher.

Rousseau DI at Global Finals



Today was a BIG day here in Knoxville. We walked all over campus and met lots and lots of kids from lots of states and many foreign countries. We’ve met kids from Mexico, Guatemala, Poland, Brazil, Canada, England, and Korea. The kids from Turkey are really cool and we learned how to say “thank you” in Turkish. They also had really awesome hats. We walked all over and Peter saw a lizard when he was walking up this really big hill called “The Hill.” (Confederate soldiers took cannons way up there in the Civil War during a battle.) We went swimming and met lots of kids from all over and traded lots of pins. A snake slithered across the sidewalk right under our feet on our way to the opening ceremonies. They were really cool with national anthems from all the countries and a parade of all the states and nations. There was an amazing light show with fireworks too. We made duct tape ties and things to wear to the ceremonies. There is a duct tape fashion show so we are getting a lot of ideas. Tomorrow we have our instant challenge in the afternoon so we are going to watch a bunch of other teams’ performances tomorrow. There are even some university teams here. Thank you again for all your support! We could not have done this without everyone at Rousseau’s help!